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Concessionaires and long-term infrastructure investors National Association


ColTI LogoCoLTI, Russia, is a national infrastructure investor association. We are an independent non-profit organization, comprising concessionaires, institutional investors and pension funds, who are committed to investing in sustainable enterprises in the fields of recyclingand waste management, water supply and transport infrastructures.

CoLTIwas created in September 2015 for shaping the market of long-term investments into Russian infrastructure, and for a public representation of interests of concessionaires and non-state pension funds as infrastructure investors.

Our goals:

  • Increasing the infrastructure projects market transparency via developing the system of additional information disclosure of concession / PPP projects (Investinfra Database).
  • Shaping, institutionalization and development of the market of specialized services (legal, financial, technical advisors etc.), standardization of their activities according to the goals of long-term investors.
  • Forming the system of professional, responsible and publicly recognized expertise within the framework of preparing and delivery of concession projects to put the Principles for Responsible Investment into practice.
  • Creating culture and traditions of long-term responsible investment, appropriate public environment, analysis and promotion of best practices in this sphere.

CoLTI mission is to develop the culture of long-term responsible investment in order to promote the sustainable growth of our Members and society as a whole.

CoLTI proposes to carry out the following activities:

  • To strengthen the access of the Members to the information on matters related to the long-term responsible investment
  • To provide analytics and to hold conferences for the Members
  • To monitor the real economy and to track responsible investments within Investinfra Database

Chairman of the CoLTI board –  Yuri Sizov

Executive director CoLTI –  Svetlana Bik



8 (499) 394-73-36

Members of CoLTI


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